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Business Area

Business Area

Weighing equipment are vitally important tools in various sectors of activity. PAULO BALANÇAS offers a range of weighing solutions for the main business areas of today’s business fabric.

Áreas de Negócio Agricultura Paulo Balanças


Áreas de Negócio Indústria Paulo Balanças


Áreas de Negócio Comércio Paulo Balanças


Áreas de Negócio Logística Paulo Balanças


Áreas de Negócio Gestão de Resíduos Paulo Balanças

Waste Management


We are a reference in the quality and capacity of our services.

Quality System Certified ISO 9001:2015 Certification Directive 2014/31/EU


We balance the company’s goals with our customer’s expectations.

Continuous improvement, in compliance with legal requirements.

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