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Waste Management

Since 1910 at the service of weighing

Paulo Scales

PAULO Balanças, headquartered in Braga, Portugal, has been manufacturing and marketing scales and weighing systems since 1910, when the former “Fábrica do Paulo” was created.

In the first decades of its existence, the company accumulated a vast experience in the field of mechanical weighing, through the manufacture of its own line of traditional and automatic scales.

The innovative and visionary spirit of the company’s owners boosted entry into the field of electronic weighing in the early eighties, when the large-scale production and assembly of the Pesa-Camões weighbridge began, equipment that remains today as a reference in various sectors of activity.

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Business Area

Weighing equipment are vitally important tools in various sectors of activity.

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Áreas de Negócio Agricultura Paulo Balanças


Áreas de Negócio Indústria Paulo Balanças


Áreas de Negócio Comércio Paulo Balanças


Áreas de Negócio Logística Paulo Balanças


Áreas de Negócio Gestão de Resíduos Paulo Balanças

Waste Management


PAULO Balanças offers a complete range of weighing solutions aimed at the needs of its customers in the most diverse business areas.

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AULO Balanças provides its customers with a set of specialized technical services designed to monitor and make the most of their weighing solution.

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We are a reference in the quality and capacity of our services.

Quality System Certified ISO 9001:2015 Certification Directive 2014/31/EU


We balance the company’s goals with our customer’s expectations.

Continuous improvement, in compliance with legal requirements.

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