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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

PAULO BALANÇAS has in its staff qualified and experienced technicians to guarantee Technical Assistance to its weighing equipment, in the most diverse aspects.

Telephone technical support at the time of customer contact allows for a first diagnosis to be carried out, which in the simplest cases, with the cooperation of the customer, results in the resolution of the incident.

Proximity technical support is carried out directly at the customer’s premises by experienced and qualified technicians, who move with the technical means and materials to resolve most incidents instantly.

Replacement equipment is guaranteed to the customer when it is not possible to resolve the repair/recovery of the weighing equipment on site and while the original equipment is subject to factory intervention, thus minimizing equipment downtime.

Urgent interventions, when requested by the customer, guarantee top priority in the handling of the assistance request and in the allocation of technical and material resources, in order to resolve the incident in a period typically less than 24 hours.

Assistência Técnica Paulo Balanças

Maintenance contracts are a very important tool available to our customers, in order to prevent and avoid incidents through the application of a preventive maintenance plan suitable for weighing equipment, carried out by our technicians according to the periodicity provided for in the contract.

Initial training in weighing equipment is given to operators when installing the equipment, but our experience tells us that in most cases doubts arise with the daily use of the equipment. In this sense, we offer several ways to reinforce training in weighing equipment:

    • Step-by-step tutorials and other technical support documentation;
    • Telephone support training;
    • Remote support training for software solutions;

On-site training by qualified technicians.

Remote support for weighing solutions via the internet is particularly applicable to weighing equipment connected to a computer network, or to solutions that include weighing software:

  • Malfunction diagnosis;
  • btaining the status of the equipment;
  • nstallation/reinstallation of weighing software;
  • Remote training;
  • Configuration/customization of weighing software/equipment.

PAULO BALANÇAS has the necessary certification to carry out the CE conformity verification of the equipment it introduces on the market, in accordance with Directive 2014/31/EU, including the issuance of the respective certificate of conformity to the customer.

We provide a follow-up service for periodic metrological checks, carried out by notified bodies, whose intervention before and during the process, help to ensure the approval of weighing equipment and their continued operation.

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